immunity boosting foods for covid

*Immunity boosting foods for covid*

Immunity Boosting Foods: These 5 foods are rich in Vitamin D and Calcium, to strengthen bones.

Be careful to have time. And put these 5 types of food on the food list

immunity boosting foods for covid
Far from being 40, nowadays many people are not able to break the stairs due to knee pain. Someone has back pain, someone has black spots on the skin. Why is this happening?

The only answer is that your body is deficient in vitamin D and calcium. And if these two are less, problems like osteoporosis can occur. Although vitamin D enters our body from sunlight, it is not enough. There is a lot of weight on your shoulders, so if the bones are not strong that heavy danger. And put these 5 food gems in the leaves.

immunity boosting foods for covid
Dudh Hai Wonderful, you must have heard this ad song? Absolutely authentic. There is no pair of milk to increase the bone density or sister density by filling the calcium deficiency in the body. Apart from that, other dairy products like ghee and lamb are also good. However, if you are lactogen intolerant, that is, if you are allergic to milk, consult a doctor.

After milk comes the turn of the egg. Whole eggs contain protein. Especially in the egg white. But if your goal is to strengthen the bones, then eat egg yolks. Egg yolks increase both vitamin D and calcium. However, if you have allergies to eggs like milk, be a little more careful.

If there is milk, if there is egg, then why should fish be omitted? Yes, eating without Bengali leaves is not complete. Tuna, salmon and trout are fatty fish. It contains omega three fatty acids. And this fish will eliminate a lot of your vitamin D and calcium deficiency.
To stay away from any disease and keep the body healthy, you need a touch of green in the food. Therefore place green vegetables across the leaves. Those who are allergic to milk or eggs can safely eat kale and broccoli.
Come back to the word allergy to milk. People who have this problem can eat soy milk, tofu or other things with the advice of a doctor.

And yes, instead of being confined to the house at all times, sometimes stand on the roof or porch a little, so that sunlight enters the body. It also has a lot of vitamin D!

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