Oppo will have to pay only sleep data; The company will give free gift vouchers and Oppo Band Style!

Oppo has taken the initiative to conduct a health survey keeping in mind how much sleep citizens can get.

There is no such thing as good or bad in the world. Getting enough sleep to stay healthy is something that doctors and health professionals recommend, but also has a negative side. Why not, how much sleep is needed throughout the day, varies according to the age of the person. The World Sleep Foundation has specific conditions in this regard. Again, this organization is also asking you to sleep well to strengthen your weak body during coronation. On the other hand, the monotonous house arrest phase of the lockdown has increased the amount of sleep of the citizens, many of them are also suffering from insomnia due to anxiety. All in all, the state of the country in the sleep sector is not very much an advantage. So Oppo has taken the initiative to conduct a health survey keeping in mind how much sleep citizens can get.

The survey is called Sleep Sign-in. It is learned that any citizen can participate in this survey if they want. They only have to abide by a few conditions. What are they, let’s take a look-

1. The only data that will be available after 8 pm will be considered in this survey.2. While going to sleep, the participants in the survey must have Oppo Band Style in their hands. At the same time, you need to be logged in to HeyTap Health App from a smartphone powered by Android.

4. You can’t take part in this survey from any smartphone other than Android. If someone forgets to sign-in, the company will allow them to participate in the survey once again via the Skip Card. This skip card can only be used once.
. Must participate in the survey for 30 consecutive days. In other words, if someone uses a skip card, they have to be involved in the survey for 30 consecutive days from the next day.

Prize List:

1. The 500 people who take part in the survey will be given an Oppo Band Style for the first time in 30 days.

2. The winners will be sent a gift voucher to their Amazon account within 10 days of the end of the survey. The winners will have to log in to their Amazon account and add the prize money to their Amazon wallet. They then use the money to make happy purchases. However, the company has not yet revealed the exact amount of this gift voucher

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