Sugar is also under control and acne is also missing. Learn the 5 best benefits of Amla Tea that will make it even easier for you

Learn the 5 best benefits of Amla

Day or night with tea because there are thousands of people eager to drink tea. Most people like to drink tea after every meal. Some people do not feel at ease without tea. But if this tea gives you health and beauty, then the taste will be doubled.

Today’s bolinza is going to tell you about the full benefits of Amla Tea which can easily solve 5 big problems and leave you with no shortage in making you fit and smart.

*How to make Amla Tea:

* Amla, which is like a green berry, wash and dry them thoroughly.
٭ Then take two amla and put them in a glass of water and cook on low heat.
* At the same time add an inch piece of ginger and two pieces of a lemon, including the peel.
* Clean it for 10 minutes and as soon as it starts to boil, take out this water in a cup.
٭ Take it and it is ready to be made into a simple amla tea.
* Now drink it at any time of the day.


* Drinking amla tea will keep your sugar under control, will get rid of insulin injections.
* Acne on the face will be clear and its spots will not be visible.
* This tea is very useful for people who have problems with dry skin or chapped lips.
* Constipation and cholera can be eliminated easily, but if you add a pinch of black salt to this tea, it will be beneficial soon.
* Amla tea with a teaspoon of honey will improve eyesight, it is very beneficial for people who have cataracts.

*What to do with the surviving Amla?

After making the tea, do not throw away the remaining amla but crush it and add only half a teaspoon of turmeric and mix it well and apply it on the face, it will also brighten the complexion and control acne as well as the skin. It will be refreshing.

*Why the benefit?

Amla contains vitamin C, antibiotic oxidants, tannic ascorbic acid, lipids, triglycerides and estrophagenic enzymes which, together with water, help to oxidize the body.

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