What happens if you eat berries every day?

What happens if you eat berries every day

What happens if you eat berries every day

In addition to calcium, phosphorus and steel, berries are rich in vitamins A, B and C. In addition to these things, it also contains glucose, which provides the body with instant energy. 

*Hand and dysentery:
Berries are useful for the digestive system. Its use relieves gastrointestinal weakness. The berries are roasted and used for diarrhea and diarrhea. In addition, the root of wild berries is ground in 12 grams and black pepper in seven pieces of water and given three times a day to cure dysentery and diarrhea.
Eating dried berries also helps.

*Intestinal worms:
Sometimes children and adults have worms in their intestines, which can lead to poor health. To get rid of these pests, it is useful to crush the berries and feed them in the amount of 24 grams to 128 grams. Its use eliminates insects.

*Blood cleansing: 

Theuse of berries cleanses the blood and removes its toxins. Eating eight to ten berries a day removes blemishes on the face and keeps the face red and fresh.

*Broken bone:
Berry kernels are usually thrown away after eating, but nature has put great virtues in this seemingly superfluous thing. Its kernels are useful in muscle injuries, ie injuries and sprains affecting the flesh. For this benefit, coat the berries and boil them in water till the water thickens. It is used on amputated limbs, broken bones and muscle injuries. If this water is mixed on the feet of children, then children start walking quickly.

*Bad wounds and abscesses:
Old wounds and abscesses that do not dry out in any way can be cured very quickly by spraying bark of berry tree or bush or applying it mixed with water. Grinding and heating berry leaves to cure normal boils or pus-filled boils quickly, these boils are cooked quickly and their waste material is easily removed.

If a person has hemorrhage, grinding berry leaves and applying it on the scalp gives relief.

*Long, strong and shiny hair: 

Boil theberry leaves well in water and wash the scalp hair with this water, then the hair becomes long, strong and shiny and the scalp stays dry. If hair falls out, washing hair with this decoction will stop hair loss.
Grinding the root of the berry tree and applying it locally on the liver site reduces the enlarged liver.

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