remove dark circles around the eyes

remove dark circles around the eyes

Every man or woman wants to look beautiful and only fresh and fresh faces are considered beautiful. If the skin is clear and transparent but there are dark circles around the eyes, then it has a negative effect on the whole personality. Can be treated at home within a few days with a few useful tips.

Dozens of chemical-laden creams are available in the market for the treatment of dark circles around the eyes, which are expensive and ineffective in terms of results. And eyesight is definitely at stake, so to get rid of these creams and add four moons to your beauty at home, you must first know the reasons for the formation of dark circles.

*Why do dark circles form around the eyes?

According to experts, lack of sleep causes dark circles around the eyes, while in women, dark circles also occur due to hormonal changes and irritability, stress, in addition to excessive use of drugs, smoking, water. Deficiency and malnutrition also cause dark circles around the eyes and dim the beauty of the eyes.

*Here are some tips to help you get rid of dark circles and beautify your eyes.

The cheapest way to treat dark circles around the eyes is to drink as much water as possible. You must drink about 8 to 12 glasses of water a day.

Dark circles around the eyes can also be treated with aloe vera. Applying avera gel on the eyes clears blemishes and brightens the eyes.

Meet the potato killers with light hands under the eyes, the circles will disappear in a few days.

Get at least 8 hours of restful sleep.

Try to stay away from stress, confusion and anxiety.

Making a paste of mint leaves and applying it on the eyes brightens the skin color around the eyes, dark circles disappear in days.

Drinking and applying tomato juice is very useful for the treatment of dark circles. Mix two drops of lemon juice in tomato juice and apply it on the eyes with the help of cotton. The dark circles will soon disappear.

Put cucumber slices on your eyes and sleep for at least half an hour or 15 to 20 minutes or close your eyes, repeat this process daily, the skin color around the eyes will become brighter.

Take a steel spoon and keep it in the freezer to cool overnight. After waking up in the morning, take the spoon out of the fridge and massage it on both your eyes for a few minutes, repeat this process three times, the circles disappear in days. Will be

Soak a tea bag of green tea in water and put it in the fridge, then put it on your eyes, repeating this process will give the best results.

Enrich your diet with iron, vitamins A, C and E to make your eyes shiny, beautiful and treat dark circles, this will help a lot in getting rid of dark circles around the eyes.

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