Can we apply coriander on face?

Want shiny and clean skin? Learn how green coriander and lemons can be beneficial for you

Can we apply coriander on face?

It is not easy to give up every habit that is hurting you, but there is nothing wrong with adopting a few new habits that are good for your health as well as your beauty.

Every man, woman and man wants their skin to be clear and shiny but now there is no need to spend thousands of rupees for this, just add lemon and coriander in your daily diet and get many health and beauty benefits.

Secret Just as the use of green vegetables is beneficial, juices made from green vegetables are also extremely beneficial if you are getting rashes and blemishes on your face after eating fried dishes and processed foods or if you have skin rashes. Just prepare lemon and green coriander juice in the way we have told you and get amazing results.

*Amazing benefits of green coriander and lemons
Green coriander and lemon juice are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, both green coriander and lemon are a treasure trove of vitamin C, it helps our body fight the mojo-free radicals that cause our skin from time to time. The first is filled with wrinkles and freckles and thus the age seems to increase.
Green coriander and lemon juice is not only excellent for enhancing our beauty but it also plays a role in restoring our health. It is also a natural detox which is very useful for weight loss. Lemon and green coriander juice The nutrients present make our skin amazingly clear and transparent, improve the digestive system and help our body get rid of waste products.

*How to make green coriander and lemon juice

Up to one fresh green coriander
2 to 3 tablespoons lemon juice
water as required

In a blender, add green coriander leaves and lemon juice. Now add it. Finely grind it out. If you want, you can sprinkle pepper or lick spices in it for flavor. Now cool it and drink it or add ice. Drink, use it 3 times a day or a week will give you amazing results.

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