What melts fat in the body?

Ingredients that melt body fat and remove toxins

What melts fat in the body?

Over time and due to our eating habits, toxins accumulate in the body and at the same time excess fat takes its place which we try different ways to get rid of. Sometimes these prescriptions work and sometimes they do not work at all. But today we will tell you about two powerful ingredients that will not only cleanse your body of toxins but also eliminate excess fat.

*These two ingredients are clove and linseed.
Finely grind 10 grams of dried cloves and 100 grams of linseed in a grinder.
Dissolve two tablespoons of food in warm water and drink it every morning before breakfast.
Give three days break after three days of use.
Keep using it in the same way and you will feel calm and light.

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