How can I prevent kidney stones naturally?

Seven natural ingredients to keep away from kidney stones

How can I prevent kidney stones naturally?

*Use of grapes:
Grapes play an important role in getting rid of stones. Grapes are a natural diuretic because they are rich in potassium, salt and water. Which is why they are considered good for the treatment of kidney stones. 

bitter gourd as a medicine. Bitter gourd contains magnesium and phosphorus which prevent the formation of stones, so bitter gourd should be used in case of kidney stones. 

*Eat bananas:
Bananas should be used to treat gallstones. It contains Vitamin B2. Vitamin B prevents the formation of oxylate crystals. In addition, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B in combination with other vitamins are sufficient to treat gallstones. Is helpful 

*Lemon juice:
Mixing lemon juice with olive oil is beneficial in stones. 

*Duckweed greens:
Duckweed greens are considered to be very effective in removing kidney stones. For this, boil half a kilo of duckweed and filter it. Now mix a little pepper, cumin and a little salt in the same water and drink it four times a day. Drink once, it will help in getting rid of kidney stones. 

*Benefits of Celery : Celery acts as a tonic for the kidneys.
Celery can be used as a spice or regularly in tea to prevent the formation of kidney stones.
Drinking tea from its leaves gets rid of kidney stones.

*Pomegranate seeds : Pomegranate seeds and juice are considered a natural remedy for kidney stones due to their sour and astringent properties. 

*Onion juice:
Regular consumption of onion juice removes kidney stones in small pieces. Is . 

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