How can I prevent psoriasis and eczema?

Here are some simple ways to avoid skin diseases like psoriasis or eczema.

How can I prevent psoriasis and eczema?

Psoriasis and itching on the skin is a very painful problem. This psoriasis forms on the skin and takes the form of small red pimples, which causes itching on the skin and causes a lot of pain.

According to experts, there can be many reasons for getting this skin disease, such as infection, emotional stress or any trauma.

Not only that, but allergies to food or jewelry can also be caused by a watch, perfume, hair color, body tattoos, and cement, leather. There is also a risk of getting psoriasis.

In this disease, the skin becomes inflamed and the surface of the skin becomes rough just like the surface above the (oyster) and sometimes dry skin scales like fish appear on it.

* A few home remedies to get rid of psoriasis and eczema

The home and easy way to get rid of this is to take 10 pieces of flower mandi, graze 6 grams. Now boil it in half a glass of water and add 2 spoons of jujube syrup in it. Drink this syrup every morning. So psoriasis will be cured in a few days.

In addition, 40 grams of celery, 10 grams of white alum, 10 grams of parrots, green, put all these things on the fire in an iron pan until they turn black, then make them into a paste or grind them. Now mix Vaseline in it. Prepare the ointment. First wash the skin thoroughly and then apply this ointment on the skin and keep the skin oily. It is also possible to get rid of psoriasis and eczema.

Or take 80 grams of sweet installments, 20 grams of Hub-ul-Rashad (Halio), 20 grams of Sana Mickey and 800 grams of apple cider vinegar, grind all these medicines into powder and add it to the vinegar and put it on the stove on low heat. When it cools down, filter it in a thin cloth and store it in a bottle. Apply this lotion twice a day on the skin affected by psoriasis and eczema. This disease will be cured.

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