How can I enhance my beauty?

How to be beautiful with alum? Here are some amazing ways you can easily enhance your beauty at home.

Pathkari is a natural chemical that we can easily get cheap from the market in the form of small white pieces. Its scientific name is Elm while in common parlance it is known as Alum, its use and results are so amazing. They are used in almost every home.
But it has been used for water purification, grain removal and other purposes because most people are not aware of how much these white pieces can be used to enhance your beauty.

Today we will tell you how to use alum to enhance your beauty. Let’s find out how alum can be used to enhance your beauty.

Use alum to enhance beauty

According to experts, the use of alum is extremely useful in reducing the growth of facial hair in women, eliminating pimples on the face, getting rid of wrinkles and softening cracked heels.

Use alum to get rid of facial hair

If you want to get rid of excess facial hair, make a paste by mixing one teaspoon of rose water and two to three drops of alum in rose water, now apply it on the face and when it is dry, clean it by hand. Continue until, then you will not have to spend thousands of rupees in parlors to get wax etc.

Use alum to get rid of nails, pimples and pimples

If you have pimples and pimples on your face and you are tired of them, grind alum and mix it with water and apply this water on your face with the help of cotton, leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash your face. Alum is an antiseptic ingredient that will kill bacteria and make your skin clear, you can repeat this process two to three times a week.

Alum can be very useful if you use alum to get rid of wrinkles. To get rid of wrinkles, wet a small piece of alum and gently rub it on your face. Massage gently and not too hard. After a while, wash your face with rose water and then use a moisturizer.

Use alum for cracked heels

Cracked heels affect your personality and because of this you have to use a lot of expensive creams, but now there is no need to do this because the cure is hidden in alum, heat alum so hot on the stove. So that it comes in a soft shape full of melt, now when it cools, apply it on the affected parts mixed with coconut oil, the heels will become clean, smooth and soft.

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