Why is it important to massage your feet before bed?

Why should you massage your feet before going to bed? Here are some benefits that every woman needs to know

Why is it important to massage your feet before bed?

Women wash their face before going to bed at night, clean it and use night cream or night ultra formula and apply some hair mask in their hair, some do not sleep without applying hair cream, some remember hand manicure at night. Comes and some do not have time to apply beauty cream on their face, so usually men are seen making fun of women in the house to see that they do not have time even at night with make-up at home. Pay attention to But it is also very important for their beauty and skin care. In the same way, today we are going to tell you what will be the benefit to women if they sleep at night by massaging their feet with oil and how their beauty can be further enhanced.


* Sleeping at night by massaging sharpens the eyesight of women, which is due to the fact that by massaging, the veins under the legs that meet in the eyes and retina are cleansed. The reason is that women’s eyesight increases. Of course, it will also benefit men, but for them it is a lasting effect.

* Applying oil and massaging the feet does not cause the problem of sweat and the heels that rupture and other dead skin cells are also cleaned.

* Most women’s skin peels off every month before menstruation and new skin is formed on it which is definitely due to skin weakness and hormonal complications, so it is necessary to massage your feet and sleep, not your skin. Will come down and there will be no scaling problem.

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