How many types of headache are there?

How many types of headaches are there and why does it happen? Learn how to get rid of this pain

How many types of headache are there?

Headache is a common ailment that affects anyone from children to adults. Headaches can also be caused by physical disorders, blood pressure or depression. A scientific report on headaches has been published in Al-Rajal magazine in which common questions related to headaches such as what type of headache is it, why it occurs, what is its treatment? All these questions are summarized.

* Anxiety
headaches are also caused by stress and anxiety. It can also be caused by poor sleep, stress or depression. It is often cured with painkillers. Most people experience this headache on both the front and back of the head or just the back.

* Toothache is
often caused by a toothache. Headache starts due to pain in the jaw or toothache. But it does go away as soon as the toothache subsides.

* Nasal
congestion Excessive use of medications to relieve shortness of breath causes nasal congestion. The pain that arises from this reaches the head.

٭ Migraine Headache
It occurs in one part of the head and is very sharp, also called migraine headache which lasts for three hours continuously, sometimes every day and sometimes even after a long break. ۔ It makes both eyes or one eye red.

* Caffeine pain
This pain is caused by excessive consumption of beverages. It also happens to people who consume strong drinks or coffee.

* Morning pain
is also caused by a tumor in the head.

The most basic way to get rid of all these types of pain is a medical examination. But here are some important tips on how you can find peace of mind at home.

* Reduce the use of milk or dairy products in case of headache.
* Rinse eyes and face with cold water.
* Drink cold water and try not to get any tension.
گ Avoid shouting and talking.

Note: This is general information. See your doctor for more information.

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