Listen to natural sounds and stay healthy

Listen to natural sounds and stay healthy

Listen to natural sounds and stay healthy

American universities have conducted an analytical survey of several studies which have shown that the sounds of the natural environment can have a positive effect on health.

Carlton, Michigan State and Colorado State University, in collaboration with the U.S. National Park Service, report that natural sounds not only sound good to the ears but can have a positive effect on human health.

In the same way, walking among dense trees reduces mental stress and refreshes the mind. On this occasion, scientists have conducted a meta-study of 36 published research articles and studies. He says that great poets and writers have been enjoying natural sounds while people in hospitals and laboratories have also been experimenting with natural sounds.

In one experiment, 251 voices from 66 national parks in the United States were heard by many patients, reducing patients’ pain, improving mood, increasing positive thinking, and reducing depression. The sound of flowing waterfalls was the most useful and the heartfelt chirping of birds reduced stress and confusion.

This research can also be called the reversal of noise pollution, that is, just as the chaotic sounds of traffic, factories and machines are making human beings irritable, so are the gentle sounds of nature soothing human beings.

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