How do you dissolve stones naturally?

Symptoms and Easy Natural Remedies for Leaf Stones

How do you dissolve stones naturally?

The leaf is located in the lower right side of the liver in your abdomen and this guava-shaped organ has a bile or bile fluid.
This fluid is made in the liver which helps in digestion of fats and certain vitamins.
When you eat, the body signals to excrete it.

However, most people in the address have a problem with stones due to the solid form of the fluid, which can be as big as a golf ball and can be one or more.
These stones are made up of hundreds of cholesterol but some people with different liver diseases may have different types.

If the leaf becomes swollen which is called Cholecystitis in medical language, which is also a sign of stones, the symptoms are as follows.

Symptoms of
heart palpitations.
Stomach pain.
Severe pain with deep breathing.
Feeling of discomfort in the back or right shoulder.

Who is at risk?
In women,
medical experts believe that estrogen plays a role in gallstones. This hormone, which is found in large amounts in women, increases the amount of cholesterol in the bile while it accumulates during pregnancy. It is such a thick fluid. Occurs that the body cannot easily absorb.

Family history
If someone in the family has had a complaint, you have a higher risk. Researchers believe that certain genes increase the amount of cholesterol in the bile.

If you are overweight, your body cholesterol levels are also likely to be high, which means that the risk of gallstones is also increased, especially in the case of bloating. It happens to be a stone.

Rapid weight loss Even
if the body weight is lost too fast, the risk of gallstones increases, as a low-calorie diet is tough for the gut, as well as cycling and frequent body weight gain. Decreases or increases also cause problems.

Foods high in fat and cholesterol also increase the risk of gallstones.

If the disease affects the kidneys, there is a risk of developing a type of fat in the blood that increases the risk of gallstones.

After the age of
forty, the chances of getting stones in the address increase.

Maintain a healthy body weight, eat a high-fiber diet, eat olive and fish oil, and avoid refined foods.

often does not cause gallstones and is left untreated , however, if symptoms do appear, doctors recommend surgery to remove the gallbladder, even without this organ. Stays

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