Will they ever find a cure for baldness?

Scientists have found a conditional cure for baldness

Will they ever find a cure for baldness?

Scientists claim that the treatment of hair loss and baldness will now be possible.

According to foreign media reports, scientists have developed a solution containing ‘nanoparticle serum’ through which the results obtained on mice have surprised the researchers as well, scientists have now claimed. That this process can be equally useful for men and women baldness.

According to a report released as a result of research, 16% of people between the ages of 18 and 20, while about 53% of people between the ages of 40 and 49, begin to lose hair, and by the age of 35, two-thirds of men lose their hair. There are a couple of problems with the loss of.

The American Hair Loss Association says the disease is affecting millions of people, while researchers are worried about what could be done to solve the problem.

The process of hair loss in both men and women is called ‘alopecia’. When the required nutrients, minerals and vitamins are not available, the supply of oxygen also stops, in which case hair loss begins and most people begin to suffer from baldness at a young age.

According to researchers, there are external treatments such as chemical compound menoxidal and surgical treatment to prevent hair loss and baldness in which weak hair follicles are treated.

In a study published in ‘ACS Nano’, scientists have introduced a new treatment to prevent hair loss and baldness, which consists of ‘serum nanoparticles’, which are applied to the scalp, Work will be done on lifeless and weak skin, it will be made healthy by freeing it from harmful substances and ingredients so that oxygen can be properly embedded in the skin.

This treatment will use lipid compounds in serum containing nanoparticles, using micro-needles to inject this dissolved solution into the scalp.

According to the scientists, they have done this research on mice. The results of this study on mice have shown clear positive results. Serum and lipids compounds containing nanoparticles have activated the tiny blood vessels in the skin of mice. Growth has been observed.

According to the researchers, this research has been done only on mice so far, but they are also showing a strong possibility that this treatment will be equally useful for humans (men and women).

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