What happens if I stop using my glasses?

If you wear eyeglass lenses, stop … First of all, make sure that they are not harmful to your eyes

What happens if I stop using my glasses?

Eyeglass lenses are used to correct your vision without glasses and to see with ease, but it is important to know how to use them properly, as they can also be dangerous.

So first of all it is very important to know the ways you can ensure the safety of your eyes and the cleanliness of the lens, then don’t worry, today we will talk about it in detail.

*What habits can you use to protect your lenses?

Never sleep with a lens on, otherwise it can cause eye infections.

* Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before using the lens.

* Keep your lenses away from water as this can also cause you to get an infection.

* Clean the lens only with the solution that comes with it, soak it in and apply it to the eyes.

* Before putting the lens in the box again, throw away the water or solution of the existing lens and then wash the box and fill it with clean solution again and then put the lens in it.

* Do not change the lens solution without a doctor’s advice.

* Use disposable lenses or change lenses every 3 months.

* Before going into the water for swimming, take off the lens and never go into the water wearing it.A

* Do not go in the heat with a lens at all, ie do not go in front of the stove, etc.

*Benefits of using eye lenses

* Using a lens will correct your vision and you will be able to see the distance without glasses.

* In addition to the use of lenses, the difficulty of close vision is also removed and even the finest writing can be easily increased by wearing glasses.A

* They look like natural eyes and do not feel that your eyes are weak.A

* It does not fog like a spoon and you do not face any difficulty.

* If the lenses are fixed on your eyelids, then you can easily do sports and other activities.

• It is certified by doctors and boosts user confidence.

*What are the risks of using contact lenses?

Everything that benefits you can be harmful if used sparingly, so it’s important to know what the disadvantages of a lens are.

* Eye allergies

* Eye infections

* Dry eyes

* Swelling under the eyes

* Marking in the cornea

* Severe irritation in the eyes

* Redness of the eyes

* Corneal infection

* Further increase in vision due to precautionary measures

* Bacterial growth or mildew in the eyes

* Swelling of the eyesA

* Watery eyes

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