How do you dissolve dental plaque naturally?

Troubled by dental plaque? Now try them out with a few homemade tips to make them clean and shiny in minutes

How do you dissolve dental plaque naturally?

Yellow teeth make your social life and personality attractive, so never ignore them, and if you have yellow or red marks on your teeth, try your best to get rid of them.

Foods is here to help you with this problem, because today we have come up with a simple solution to your problem, so let’s start with tips so you can try them today. 

Remove toothpaste

The teeth become like this not only by themselves but also due to our own negligence, yes! Smoking, eating unhealthy food and drinking betel leaves make our teeth bad and yellow, you can get rid of them by trying the following tips but at the same time it is very important to give up your lifestyle and bad habits.

*Brush daily

So this is not a guide, every sensible person who cares about purity realizes the importance of how important it is to brush your teeth daily, it clears the food particles stuck between our teeth. Yes, it makes teeth shine and removes bad breath.

*Apply coconut oil

Yes! Coconut oil is useful not only for hair and skin but also for teeth. Applying olive oil in the teeth cures many diseases of the teeth and also makes the teeth shiny. 2 teaspoons of coconut oil Apply it on your teeth, leave it on the teeth for 20 minutes but remember that it does not go down the throat then rinse.

*Apple cider vinegar solution

You know the importance of apple cider vinegar for skin and health as we often talk about it, but it also plays an important role in polishing teeth, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in three ounces of water Mix, now use this water as a mouthwash and rinse with water after 30 seconds.

*Baking Soda

Mix one tablespoon of baking soda in three tablespoons of water and make a paste of it and apply it on the yellow teeth. It will also remove tooth decay and eliminate bacteria. Do this daily and get healthy and shiny teeth.

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