Lifestyle Tips: Tomato Sauce Say No to Ketchup

Lifestyle Tips: Tomato Sauce Say No to Ketchup

Lifestyle Tips: Whether it is burnt utensils or dull home decor, it will become like new if you use ketchup in this way!
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Lifestyle Tips: Tomato Sauce Say No to Ketchup
The tomato thing is just as good, whether it’s raw or cooked as a salad, crushed or pureed – it just adds a completely different flavor in one go. And if that tomato falls on the leaves as a ketchup, its taste is also to be appreciated, a little more. How can we forget that tiffin has become so delicious in one drop of ketchup that it is not so good to eat? Or can it be left on the food?
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However, not only food, but also many other things, but in daily life, that tomato ketchup can come in handy. Just as a small drop of the thing brings magic to the taste buds of the tongue, so does the pair match to make the house shine again! Are you surprised? So let’s explain the matter a little clearer. Tomatoes contain high levels of citric acid, but thousands of pickled vegetables! And when ketchup is made with that tomato in the factory, vinegar is added to it, to keep the thing just right for a long time. And the combination of these two compounds, ketchup is great for removing any dirt, making the metal shiny, let’s find out how!
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Burned utensils
, hard cookers, pressure cookers, pans, pans – if the floor of all these heavy utensils is burnt, it is as if the hand falls off to remove it. In this case, put tomato ketchup on the burnt part for 10 minutes. After that, after washing and washing with soap, dirt will come up in no time, you don’t have to put too much pressure on your hands. However, if it is an iron utensil, it should be kept for 30 minutes.

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Shiny copper plate to keep
many of us at the bottom of the plate coated copper or copper vessels for use in the hobby. The way to keep them shiny is the same as before – leave the tomato ketchup for 10 minutes and wash it with soap, then the dishes will shine almost like gold.
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Stainless steel utensils Clean
stainless steel utensils lose brightness when washed continuously. If you wash it with tomato ketchup from time to time, it will become as bright as a mirror!
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From the
door handle of the house to the window grill, rotten iron furniture – everything can be made shiny with the use of tomato ketchup, leave it for a while and wipe it well with a damp cloth.

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Pujo’s utensils 
The tomato ketchup will come in handy if you want to bring back the shiny look of the newly bought Pujo’s bronze utensils .

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