Durga Puja Fashion 2021

Durga Puja Fashion 2021 | Makeup Expiration Dates: You have been using the same lipstick for a long time, do you pay attention to the expiry date of makeup tools?

Find out how often the makeup should be changed. (Durga Puja Fashion 2021 | Makeup Expiration Dates)
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Durga Puja Fashion 2021
Eyeliner from your favorite lipstick, don’t you want to throw it away even after a long day? But our favorite make-up tool that can one day bring danger (Durga Puja Fashion 2021 | Makeup Expiration Dates)! This is because after a certain period of time, germs and bacteria grow in different types of cosmetics. 
So using it after that period can cause skin and eye infections. Different types of diseases can also take up residence in the body (Durga Puja Fashion 2021 | Makeup Expiration Dates). So the expiration date must be kept in mind while using any make-up tool. It is generally considered that the cosmetics are good till the expiry date written on any cosmetics (Durga Puja Fashion 2021 | Makeup Expiration Dates). Unless it is hot, the weather changes or the lid doesn’t close properly, the product is spoiled. Then find out how often the makeup should be changed.
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1. Foundations and concealers
usually depend on the ingredients of the foundation and concealer for how long they will last well. Such a water based product can be used for up to 12 months, where an oily foundation stays good for 18 months. Some formulas last only 6 months. The best way to keep the foundation germ-free is to use the product with the palm of your hand or not put your finger on the bottle. At the same time, if the oil rises on the foundation or concealer or if there is any change in the texture or density, the product is considered to have deteriorated.
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2. Powder
We often do not notice the expiration date of the powder. Usually the powder stays good for 18-24 months. Powder products such as blush and bronzer contain water so bacteria do not grow easily. So this type of product lasts for quite a long time. Although over time we have seen a hardening on the powder by mixing the mineral of blush with the oil of our skin. Regular cleaning of the brush is not likely to cause such problems. Otherwise, the oil is likely to get stuck in the bristles of the brush and get into the product.
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Whenever there is a change in the texture or smell of the cream stick, it is time to change the cosmetics. However, this type of product is good for 12-18 months. These creams should be used with clean hands as well and the lid of the product should be kept tight at all times to keep it germ-free.
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4. Lip products stay
lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss for about a year. However, lip products should be kept in a cool, dry place. Otherwise, our favorite lipstick may be spoiled after some time due to climate change.
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5. Mascara In the
case of mascara, it is most important to look at the expiration date. In that case, if you do not change the mascara every 3 months, it can cause eye infections. In fact, our favorite beauty product has a shorter shelf life because bacteria grow in humid climates.
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According to the eyeliner formula, the eyeliner can last from three months to three years. In that case, the pencil eyeliner can be used for a long time because the bacteria comes out while cutting the pencil. But liquid and gel eyeliner mascara should be used for a few months as it easily attracts bacteria.
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. Eyeshadow
Powder Eyeshadow is just as usable as any other powder. Powdered eyeshadow usually lasts for about 8-12 months.

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