Android 11 Tricks: Worried about Android 11? These tricks will come in handy

Android 11 Tricks: Worried about Android 11? These tricks will come in handy

Android 11 Tricks: Worried about Android 11? These tricks will come in handy
Annoyed by Android 11? These tricks will come in handy!

Android 11 Tricks: The details of Android 11 are covered in this report!

Most people now have high-tech smartphones. Everyone is now opting for smartphones to get a very good experience from net surfing to gaming. But many people have problems using smartphones. They use conventional methods without using modern technology in everything from screen lock to storage. This report explores the nuances of Android 11 (Android 11 Tricks).

Lockscreen – Most phones now have fingerprint lock screen technology. But many do not use it. Use swipe up to unlock instead. There is a lot of extra time to be spent using this technology. So it is better to use finger print lock. This technology also makes the phone extremely secure. Because no one can unlock the phone except the person whose fingerprint is given.

Find Your Phone – Find Your Phone should be turned on for any Android phone. Because if the phone is lost for any reason, it is possible to do some important controls through this technology. For example, it is possible to delete phone data, sound an alarm and understand the location of the phone. To keep this option on, go to Settings> Find Device option.

For the convenience of chat, you need to keep the chat bubble – to chat through different apps, you have to go to different apps and send messages. But if the chat bubble is downloaded, it is possible to chat through all in one chat window.

DND – Many people like to spend certain time with family after handling office work all day. But even then, various phone calls and messages became a source of annoyance. So it is necessary to keep DND or Do Not Disturb on to get rid of that problem. To keep DND on, go to Settings and from there DND can be kept on.

Photo Backup – Photos are the memory of every human being. So there are many photos that cannot be deleted or deleted. But due to the storage problem of the phone, it has to be deleted. Google Photos can fix this problem. This will make it possible to back up all the photos in the cloud. Even if you delete photos from the phone, they will remain in the cloud and will be able to be viewed if necessary.

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