Men’s skin care | Durga Puja 2021

Men’s skin care | Durga Puja 2021: Not only women, men also need proper care for their skin! Before Pujo, the skin should be shiny according to this rule

Men’s skin also needs care

Men’s skin care | Durga Puja 2021: Men should use a very good moisturizer to avoid unwanted irritation and dry patches on the skin.

Many people say that beauty is only for women! But contrary to popular belief, men need more skin care. This is because men’s skin is more prone to damage from various elements of the environment; if not taken care of properly, it becomes quite risky for the skin. Although healthy skin depends on many factors including lifestyle, eating habits and genetics. However, using the right products to take care of the skin can be quite beneficial. So here are five tips to keep blemish-free fresh skin bright.

*It is important to moisturize
Many people are sweating a lot after a workout, suddenly the oily skin is starting to cut and irritate! This means that there is a lack of moisturizer on dry skin during the rainy season. So men should use a very good moisturizer to avoid unwanted irritation and dry patches on the skin.

*Mask for good cleaning
Using oil protection clay mask on our facial skin gives very good results. Clay contains charcoal, which not only cleanses dead cells, but also provides oxygen to men’s facial skin from the very inside. Clay’s antibacterial ingredients help reduce the risk of any infections.

*Keep yourself hydrated over and over again
Hydration is very important for skin freshness. During the rainy season, he often does not want to drink water again and again, but he has to keep an eye on drinking 3 liters of water daily. Dry skin with air humidity is fine in hot and rainy seasons, but in this type of weather, oily skin becomes brown. You should not bathe in hot water to prevent the skin from becoming dry.

*Maintain cleanliness
It is very important to take a good bath after returning home in humid weather. Exfoliating the skin and bathing does not cause any kind of fungal infection.

*Don’t forget the grooming kit
Regular shaving is the most important part of daily skin care for men to maintain the softness of the skin. A good chemical free pre-shaving oil and high quality trimmer should be used for this. And if you like clean shave then you can invest in good quality razor to make flexible shave.

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