How is gas and acid treatment possible?

How is gas and acid treatment possible?

How is gas and acid treatment possible?

Experts say that in medical science there is no impression of the cold or hot effect of food, but which food is being consumed in how much does matter.

According to nutritionists, the use of spicy foods is very harmful to human health and stomach, while in addition to spices in the diet of goat and beef, poultry, spicy foods, seeds such as linseed, celery, dried fruits. Acidity and gas in the stomach cause and their excessive use can also cause a chronic disease.

Experts say that the human body produces more heat to digest these foods, the stomach has more time and heat to digest spicy and poultry foods, during this process the stomach and chest feel irritated. Being is called acidity.

What is the treatment to avoid acidity and gas?
Experts say that just as water extinguishes everything that burns, water also plays an important and positive role in gastric acidity and gas.

According to nutritionists, in addition to water, foods that help reduce stomach acidity should be used, such as watermelon, cucumber, raw green vegetables, buttermilk, milk, yogurt, sesame and coconut water, etc.

Experts suggest that the complaint of acidity and gas should be controlled at the outset, otherwise the complaint may become chronic.

Fennel, mint and cardamom coffee are extremely useful after meals to avoid acidity and gas in the stomach.

According to nutritionists, the best and long-lasting treatment is to improve your diet routine to alleviate the complaint of heat in the stomach.

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