Security in your pc: What to do in Windows 10, Windiws 11?

Security in your pc: What to do in Windows 10, Windiws 11?

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Security in your pc: To lock the computer (computer lock) Windows 11 has an advanced feature called Dynamic Lock.

After a long wait, Windows 11 has been launched in India. If Windows 11 with Cutting-Edge OS supports Cutting-Edge OS on your computer, you need to download it. Keeping your system locked (Security in your pc) is a very important task. To keep your computer and all information safe, you need to keep your computer locked. Nowadays work from home has increased its importance. Locks are the most important thing to keep the necessary information of the office safe on your computer. Windows 11 has this feature. It is possible to lock your computer automatically.

Windows 11 has an advanced feature called Dynamic Lock to lock your computer. This feature is also available in Windows 10. The computer can be locked by a paired Bluetooth device with dynamic lock feature. If your computer is a modern device, it can be paired with a Windows 11 computer. Only lock is possible with this feature. It cannot be unlocked. But it wonโ€™t work in their own home or small space office. Because its minimum Bluetooth range is 5 to 10 meters.

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How to lock Windows 11 and Windows 10 –

This is easily done in both Windows 11 and Windows 10. First you have to open the Search Bar and see the Dynamic Lock option.

Clicking on the Dynamic Lock option will open the Setting Menu where there is a Security Verification option.

Then click on the Bluetooth Device in the Dynamic Lock section.

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After that you have to pair your computer with laptop. In this case, it is possible to pair with any other Windows computer by turning on the Bluetooth setting of your mobile.

Once Windows 11 and Windows 10 computers are paired with your phone, you need to go back to that dynamic lock option.

Then click on that box and select the Allow Windows to Automatically Lock Your Device When You Are Away option.

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