Explained: The thyroid has a claw on the body; Learn in detail how to understand the problem

Explained: The thyroid has a claw on the body; Learn in detail how to understand the problem

Warning signs of a thyroid disorder: If symptoms appear, it is necessary to get a thyroid test with expert advice without delay.

 diseases competed with increasing thyroid (Thyroid). Most people are currently suffering from various thyroid problems. But it is possible to get rid of thyroid problems by following some precautions. In case of thyroid, it is possible to get rid of thyroid if you are aware of the various symptoms.

When thyroid problems occur in the body, several common symptoms appear. These include fatigue, hair loss, anxiety, and more. If these symptoms occur, thyroid examination should be done without delay with the advice of a specialist.

However, many people may think that these problems are very common with age, but in this case, the whole thing is a little different. These symptoms are exacerbated when there is a thyroid problem. The thyroid gland is one of the most important hormone regulators. But this gland creates problems at different times. Especially in the case of women, multiple problems occur in the body. One study found that 1 in 8 women worldwide suffers from various thyroid problems. It was also found that about 80 percent of women with thyroid problems were not aware of the symptoms at all.

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What kind of work does the thyroid do in the body?
The thyroid gland, like all other organs in the body, plays a vital role. The thyroid gland is basically seen in the shape of a butterfly. That organ is near the throat. The thyroid gland helps to make several important hormones. Those hormones basically help maintain body weight. Also balances skin, hair health and body temperature. But if these glands make any difference in the secretion of T3 and T4 hormones, it has a serious effect on the body. And because of this various problems are created in the body.

Not only thyroid hormone, but any hormone in the body can cause various problems. And in the case of women, it can have a huge impact. Everyone needs to keep in mind that the thyroid gland is not the only one that maintains the balance of T3 and T4 hormones. The thyroid gland is associated with different parts of the body. And affects various organs. So if any problem occurs in the thyroid gland, it affects different parts of the body. If there is a thyroid problem, there are no specific symptoms. The symptoms that appear are very common. The general understanding of thyroid problems is to gain momentum. As a result, many women have some common symptoms, but they avoid them. This led to a number of serious problems later on. What are the symptoms?

Weight loss and gain at a rapid rate
Thyroid can have a huge effect on metabolism. And which can lead to an increase or decrease in body weight at an abnormal rate. If a woman notices that her body weight is rapidly decreasing or increasing, she needs to seek expert advice very quickly. And need to have a thyroid test. However, rapid weight gain or loss does not mean that thyroid problems are the only cause. Weight gain and loss can occur for a variety of reasons. However, if such symptoms occur, thyroid examination is required.

Changes in skin color near the neck
A very common symptom of thyroid is the accumulation of skin near the neck and its discoloration. Studies have shown that the accumulation of skin near the neck and its discoloration are caused by hormonal problems. And is usually caused by the thyroid. So if this kind of problem occurs, thyroid test is needed. In addition, the thyroid maintains the health of the skin and hair of the body. Any differences in the hormones T3 and T4 can affect the skin and hair.

Weakness and fatigue
Weakness and fatigue can often come from various tasks throughout the day. But in this case, weakness and fatigue also come due to thyroid problems. And fatigue can be noticed for a long time. So if someone is feeling tired for a long time and is very weak, then that person or woman needs to have a thyroid test.

Sleep problems
Sleep disturbances can occur due to thyroid problems. Sleep may be late. Even occasional sleep disturbances can occur. This is because thyroid hormones can affect mood and the nervous system. Resulting in sleep disturbances. Not only at night, but also during the day, sleep problems are created.

Thyroid hormones also affect mental health. Since thyroid hormone affects the nervous system, it often leads to anxiety. Not only that, various problems like nervousness, mood swing etc. occur. This problem is exacerbated by the Covid 19 outbreak. There can also be hyper tension. Which can lead to the problem of forgetting later. There may also be mental fatigue, lack of concentration, energy loss, etc. If such symptoms occur, a thyroid test is needed. It will be possible to understand the level of thyroid.

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The change of seasons
Thyroid problems can cause menstrual problems in women. There is a possibility of irregular menstruation. Not only that, menstruation can occur at an abnormal rate in women above 35 years of age. Menopause also begins very quickly in women.

These problems are extremely common symptoms. Although these symptoms occur in various diseases, they are also caused by problems with the thyroid gland. Therefore, it is important to seek expert advice if these problems are revealed. And need to have a thyroid test as soon as possible.

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