Beauty Tips: Just like a dream, the secret of dense eyelashes is now in the palm of your hand!

Beauty Tips: Just like a dream, the secret of dense eyelashes is now in the palm of your hand!

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 Big and thick eyelashes are not preferred! Dense eyelashes add a whole new dimension to the beauty of girls in particular. But even if you dream of thick eyelashes, everyone’s eyelashes are not beautiful or thick. Let’s find out how this problem can be solved!

Falls Eyelash
It doesn’t matter if the natural eyelashes are not thick. Artificial eyelashes give our eyes an absolutely natural finish. However, before buying false eyelashes, it is better to buy a little care, so that the leaves of false eyelashes are not too thick. After wearing it on the eyelids, a very natural look will come.

But many people suffer from various types of allergies to artificial eyelashes. Some people also have the problem of itching. In that case, there is a way to increase the density of eyelashes in a homely way.

Castor oil
Castor oil is very effective in increasing the concentration of eyelashes. Eyelashes should be massaged with a few drops of castor oil before going to bed at night. Fruits will be available in Hatena after several weeks.

Vitamin E capsules
Vitamin E is said to be the king of hair growth. The eyelashes should be massaged well before going to bed at night with a vitamin E capsule. Quick change will be noticed.

Coconut oil
If you want to give your eyelashes a royal treatment, pair a pair of coconut oil. Before going to bed every night, rub a few drops of coconut in your hand and apply it on the eyelashes. If you can follow this routine every day for a few months, you will catch magic.

Almond oil
Almond oil is also very effective for eyelash treatment. However, if almond oil gets into the eyes, it can cause inflammation. So after a few minutes of applying eyelashes, you should wash your eyes with lukewarm water.

Petroleum jelly
Petroleum jelly works very well when the area around the eyelids is dry. Dry eyelids can also cause eyelashes to fall off.

Olive oil
Olive oil is equally effective in eyelash treatment. Apply a few drops of olive oil on the fingers and massage on the eyelashes and eyelids for about 5 minutes. This treatment will work great before going to bed at night.

Busy! These few simple treatments will give our eyelashes a great job in roughness, shedding and growth!

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