Squeeze in the throat! Try Amaltas and a few simple prescriptions before going to the doctor

Squeeze in the throat! Try Amaltas and a few simple prescriptions before going to the doctor

The slightest tingling and sore throat in modern times frightens people so that they do not begin to be infected with the coronavirus. Because, according to doctors, the corona virus first infects the human throat and results in sore throat and soreness – experts believe that if the sore throat is controlled, it can Corona virus can be protected and the disease can be fought – Today we will tell you some of the home remedies that can be used to control sore throat and prevent fever. –

1: Amaltas tea
Amaltas bean that can be easily found in a grocery store is a black bean. When it is broken from the top, it has black laced leaves inside its hard black shell. Boil it in a cup of water then cook it till coffee is ready and half of water is left. Then add half cup of milk and cook it like tea and add sugar to taste. Then strain it and swallow lukewarm tea slowly, keep it in your throat for a while and slowly lower it to get rid of sore throat in no time.

2: Chicken fry
Chicken yakni also relieves sore throat. In the preparation of yakni, use more garlic and ginger and also add turmeric in it. Using lukewarm yakni not only eliminates sore throat but also in pain. Comforts

3: Strips and Saalin tablets
Sucking such pills to relieve sore throat increases the amount of saliva which gives softness and comfort to the throat – therefore its use in case of sore throat can also bring relief.

4: Gargle with salt water
Salt has been given the honor by Allah Almighty that it relieves inflammation and the main cause of sore throat is inflammation of internal glands which is not only relieved by gargling done with lukewarm water but also sore throat. I can relax. To make it better, a tablet of Disprin can be added to the water.

5: Restful sleep
Restful sleep is a process of our body that can improve the process of automatic correction – so if you have a sore throat then a restful sleep can be better than a lot of antibiotics. Is-

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