Are you planning to buy a new laptop? This is information for you

Are you planning to buy a new laptop? This is information for you


Even if you explore the pantry online and choose a model that is the best laptop you should first consider whether it fits within your budget.

Many are still looking for office work from home due to the corona infection, and many more students in the country are still studying in online classes. In this environment many people are planning to buy new laptops. But many people are confused as to how and what kind of laptops to buy.

And unlike smart phones, laptops are sold on the basis of specifications and requirements. Here are some tips to help ease your decision to buy laptops. Below are some important things to consider before buying a laptop.

This is the best laptop to explore online and even if you choose a model you should first consider whether it fits within your budget. Keep that in mind as much as you can afford to buy a laptop. Because you will not be disappointed as there are hundreds of models to choose from. Buying the best laptop does not mean you have to completely empty your purse.

Your Requirements: Although
many YouTube channels or websites recommend castly laptops such as the MacBook Pro, find out what your needs are and buy laptops accordingly. If you want to type, watch movies, store files on a Windows laptop, if you want to play games you can buy a gaming laptop, if you want a college lab you can buy a good battery life, a lot of storage lab.

Laptops running on your OS: Windows, Linux, macOS, however, you should choose the one that suits you. Laptops running Windows, Linux and macOS can be purchased from the market today. Note that Windows11 PC connects well with Android phones while MacBook connects with iPhone. Buy a laptop with a convenient OS for you. Processor

: Although the
11th Gen Intel Core i9 processor is the latest, it is superior for office work or typing work. If you are a gaming enthusiast you should at least buy a laptop with Intel Core i5 / AMD Ryzen 5 processor. The Core i5 processor is an all-rounder.

Adequate RAM:
Choose models with at least 8GB of RAM, and have. Exclude models with 4GB of RAM. Cameras are good to go for the model with at least 16GB of RAM.

SSD storage is less expensive as it is an expensive technology. HDD storage is cheaper and offers more capacity. Keep in mind that models with SSHD storage can provide more storage space without compromising boot up speed.

Display Quality:
Purchasing laptops with Full HD (1080p) resolution display with DCI-PC colors and higher brightness level will not be a hassle for the eyes. You can get a beautiful OLED display if your budget is over Rs.70,000.

Small 13-inch labs are nice but not big enough for everyday office work needs. So you can go directly to a showroom and look at the specific model laptops and choose which size laptop is best for you.

Ports: Go

to models that have all the ports you need. Make sure you have at least 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports, an HDMI port and a card reader (if needed).

Battery Life:
The more powerful the processor, the faster the battery life will decrease. Apart from that it depends on the display resolution, brightness and the cooling gear inside. One, like the MacBook Air, is based on a fan-less design and high-powered ARM architecture that can deliver up to 10 hours of continuous battery life.

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