Winter Skin Care Tips: Keep Your Skin Good In Winter, Follow These K-Beauty Skin Care Tips!

Winter Skin Care Tips: Keep Your Skin Good In Winter, Follow These K-Beauty Skin Care Tips!

With a little care at this time, the skin may become dull and look dull. Because at this time the natural oil and moisture in the skin is reduced (Winter Skin Care Tips) 6

Winter has come to the state. Ga-hands-feet have started to become rough. Even if you don’t take care of your skin for five days in a year, at this time everyone has problems with this roughness and everyone takes a little care (Winter Skin Care Tips).

However, with a little care at this time, the skin may become dull and look dull. This is because the natural oils and moisture in the skin are depleted during this time and the dust from the outside gets into the skin and obstructs the oxygen circulation. As a result, from experts to doctors, everyone said, extra care should be taken of the skin at this time. Care should be taken to keep the skin healthy from the outside as well as from the inside.

Now standing in this situation, many people have a question in their mind, then can sunscreen be used at this time? Shouldn’t you wash your face in hot water in cold water in winter? Many people have oily skin, so what kind of screen care routine will they follow? All these questions are answered at KBeauty Winter Skincare. Let’s find out how to keep your skin bright and vibrant in this skin care.

Suitable for skin products: Facial skin is more sensitive than other parts of the body. Facial tissue delicate is much more. So in this weather you have to pay extra attention to facial skin care. For this, first you have to choose a good cleanser and moisturizer. There are five types of skin and any product should be chosen according to the skin type. The skin will understand what kind of work he will do. If the skin is not taken care of properly in this weather then acne, redness, bruises etc. can appear on the face.

Anti-Pollution Skin Care Routine: Premature aging is another major cause of bad skin pollution. Now there are less people working from home. As a result, almost everyone has to go to the office or for some reason has to go out of the house. So pollution is creating multiple problems in the skin. The skin is becoming dull or black patches are coming. To avoid this, you need to follow an anti-pollution skin care routine. It is important to use a cleanser first. Cleanser cleanses the skin from the inside out and cleanses if there are any chemicals. Anti-pollution serum can also be applied.

Sunscreen should always be applied inside or outside the house: To reduce the age of the skin and keep the skin good, it is necessary to use sunscreen even if you are outdoors. And it is not necessary to apply sunscreen once a day, sunscreen should be applied at intervals of 4-5 hours a day. It will reduce the tan, reduce the bumps and above all stay away from skin cancer.

Makeup is not sleep: the skin tries to eat better by itself. And the time when the skin works on itself is the night. As a result, the skin should be kept very clean at night. You should not sleep with make-up at all. So before going to bed, you have to clean your face with a cream or oil base cleanser. Apply moisturizer on hands and feet and apply serum on face.

Separate skin care routines should be made for day and night according to the skin: separate care is required for day and night. So you have to make different skin care routines according to the skin. The morning should be started by cleansing the face and then applying moisturizer. And you have to apply serum at night. Sulfate-free face wash can be applied if required.

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