Bank Holidays: Banks will be closed for 16 days in January

Bank Holidays: Banks will be closed for 16 days in January

Banks will be closed for 16 days in January 2022

Bank holidays This is because banks will be closed for 16 days in the first month of the year.

December 30: If you have any work related to the bank, if possible, go to the bank with a plan. Because next month is going to be Bumper Bank Holiday ( Bank Holiday in January 2022 ). If you keep pushing the work forward without proper planning, your work may get stuck. These bank holidays vary from state to state ( upcoming bank holidays list ). Banks will be closed in the states where holidays have been fixed. So go to the bank as soon as you plan accordingly.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic period, various banks started offering many of their services online or doorstep. Consumers have also started using the online system for their daily banking activities. Even if you need to go to the bank to work for some of the banks Vacations ( Bank Holiday visit) verify the Bank. Otherwise your work may get stuck.

In January 2022 there are 16 holidays
There will be a total of 16 holidays in January 2022. It also includes seven weekly vacations. Some of these holidays will also come in a row.

RBI fixes holidays
Bank Holiday List is issued by the Reserve Bank of India . can check the holiday list by visiting this website. The list of each month can be seen here.

Check out the holiday list for January 2022

January 1 – Saturday (across the country), New Year’s Day

January 2 – Sunday (nationwide), weekly holiday

January 4 – Losung holiday in Sikkim on Tuesday

January 8 – Second Saturday (nationwide), weekly holiday

January 9 – Sunday (nationwide), weekly holiday

January 11 – Tuesday (Mizoram), Missionary Day

January 12 – Wednesday, Swami Vivekananda Jayanti

January 14 – Friday, Makar Sankranti / Pongal holiday in many states

January 15 – Saturday, Uttarayan Punyakal Makar Sankrant / Maghe Sankrant / Sankrant / Pongal / Thiruvalluvar Day (Andhra Pradesh, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu)

January 16 – Sunday, (across the country), weekly holiday

January 18 – Thai Poosam (Chennai)

January 22 – Fourth Saturday (nationwide), weekly holiday

January 23 – Sunday (nationwide), weekly holiday, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti

January 26 – Wednesday (nationwide) Republic Day

January 30 – Sunday

January 31 – Monday holiday in Assam

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