Snacks: Beware! If you make these mistakes while eating snacks, the damage to the body is inevitable

Snacks: Beware! If you make these mistakes while eating snacks, the damage to the body is inevitable

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Snacks: Let’s find out what mistakes you need to be aware of when eating snacks.

Whether you wake up the night before the exam or watch your favorite web series – who doesn’t love snacks! But for all these fitness enthusiasts, choosing healthy foods can be a daunting task. So it often becomes a ‘cheat mill’. Let’s find out what mistakes you need to be aware of when eating snacks.

1. Unhealthy snacks
Unhealthy foods like chips, candy, chocolate and processed junk food come first on the list as snacks for most people. This leads to discomfort, blotting, indigestion and various health problems. So to maintain good health, healthy foods like nuts and seeds, roasted chana, roasted makhana, sprouts, fruits etc. can be eaten as snacks if you are hungry between the two mills.

2. Lots of snacking
Excessive amounts of snacking are very noticeable nowadays, especially in the form of work form home in the extreme, there is a tendency among people to eat more snacks. So in order to control weight and stay healthy at the same time, it is important to measure the amount of food during snacking and check how hungry you are.

3. Not seeing food labels
If you want to look after health, you have to be aware of the ingredients of food. So when buying any snack, you have to look at the label on the back of the packet By looking at the label of the packet, you can get an idea about the fat, trans fat, sodium and preservatives used in the food. In that case, the less of these products, the healthier they will be.

4. Not paying attention while eating
This is a very common problem nowadays. Especially children and adolescents have a habit of watching TV or eating while busy on the phone. As a result, they do not chew food well because they do not pay attention to food and eat too much which leads to digestive problems.

5. Salty foods
Another common mistake when choosing snacks is to choose very salty foods that are high in sodium. This causes water retention in the body and blotting is felt. Eating foods high in sodium can also lead to hypertension, which can lead to multiple health problems.

. Snacking at night
When it comes to hunger at night, most people tend to eat unhealthy processed foods. As a result, digestion problems are created in this habit as well as weight gain. So a vegetable stick with makhana, fried gram, nuts, seeds or Hamas dip is a good alternative for binge eating that does not harm the health if you are hungry at night.

. Lack of fiber
Snacking is very important for providing energy for all day work. But he made many mistakes in choosing the right snacking. In that case fiber rich snacks are the right choice which keeps our stomach full for a long time and helps in digestion.

. To wait
Some people wait until they are very hungry. From which malnutrition and various health problems start. So we should eat at regular intervals so that the body gets energy to work.

9. Sugary foods
Most people prefer candy, chocolate, cakes, pastries, sweets and other bakery foods for snacking. But these barely contain high levels of processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. Which is detrimental to our health and leads to weight gain.

10. Unhealthy dip
Nowadays, the trend of snack dip is seen with mayonnaise, chipotle sauce, cheese dip etc. These are not healthy for our body as they are rich in fat. At the same time these dips may contain trans fat as an ingredient which affects cholesterol levels, intestines and our body as a whole. So instead of such unhealthy dips, homemade Hamas dips, green chutney, homemade tomato sauce, etc. can be eaten.

11. Improper meal planning
Proper planning is essential for any goal And in the case of eating, if you do not plan properly, the wrong food is selected So to keep yourself fit, whether it is snacks or meals or any other food – you have to eat according to your health condition and the nutritional needs of the body.

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