Here are some common symptoms that can cause ovarian cancer in women

Here are some common symptoms that can cause ovarian cancer in women

In general, women’s health is most important for every household but there are few women in our society who take good care of their health – most women take their illness very lightly and treat it at home. They are content with just doing tricks and then when the problem gets worse, they think of going to the doctor – as a result of which they may face serious dangers – gynecologists According to the report, one out of every 75 women is exposed to ovarian cancer in her lifetime. I don’t even know – we will tell you today about these symptoms which seem to be harmless but can also lead to a dangerous disease like ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer

The ovary is the main part of the female reproductive organ, which is two in number and located on the right and left side of the lower part of the body. They are about the size of an almond and their job is to produce female eggs. Sometimes they develop a disorder in which they begin to produce cells that are extravagant internally and this affects the egg-laying process which can lead to infertility. – Also, when it spreads, it can be fatal.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer

1: Indigestion

Flatulence, nausea, vomiting, constipation, indigestion are all symptoms that a woman would be unwilling to think of if she was suffering from ovarian cancer. If a woman is suffering from chronic indigestion and at the same time she is losing weight fast then this may be a sign of ovarian cancer – so it is better that these symptoms In case of this, consult your gynecologist and get proper check-up done and check what kind of food is used to increase its severity.

2: Lower abdominal pain

Lower abdominal pain is usually linked to menstrual problems in women and they use common tips in case of this pain – but this pain should not be ignored even if it continues on normal days. And should have a proper check-up because it can also be an important sign of ovarian cancer.

3: Frequent urination

Frequent urination but still feeling more urination after urinating or pain while urinating All these symptoms also indicate ovarian cancer and in case of these symptoms they should not be taken lightly. Should-

4: Having constipation

Constipation is commonly referred to as indigestion in women, but in fact it is not only caused by indigestion but can also be caused by ovarian cancer – so if constipation is accompanied by other symptoms then I must contact a doctor immediately.

5: Fatigue

This symptom also indicates ovarian cancer. Feeling tired even after waking up as well as feeling weak is an important symptom of ovarian cancer and in case of this symptom when weakness despite eating and drinking and If you feel tired and have other symptoms with it, then it may be better to consult a doctor.

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