If your body does not get rid of the pain and stiffness in the cold, then it means that your body is deficient in this vitamin. Learn how to treat with home-mad foods

If your body does not get rid of the pain and stiffness in the cold, then it means that your body is deficient in this vitamin. Learn how to treat with home-mad foods

From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, man performs a variety of tasks, whether male or female, child or elderly. Everyone wants to do well and be in good health but it is not possible because most of us do not take care of our food and drink because we have a habit of eating according to our diet. Whether it is full of nutrients or not, everything is just food as a tongue-in-cheek that causes harm to the body. The disadvantage of this is that if the fingers get cracked, they start to make a croaking noise and it feels as if the bone has been broken.

But have you ever wondered why the sound is caused by the tapping of the fingers? Or when you sit up and get up, there are sounds coming from the bones of the knees. If someone gets hurt, the blood either flows too much or it doesn’t come at all. These are all symptoms that cause a lack of essential vitamins in the body which we do not even know about and we do not consult a doctor.

Learn from today’s food the root cause of all these problems and the simple treatments that are available to us in different foods:

Essential vitamins:

Vitamin K:

Vitamin K is a vitamin that if not present in the human body, then we can not walk and our heart and brain can not do any kind of work because it is more powerful and important than vitamin D. There are actually two types of vitamins, one vitamin K1 and the other vitamin K2 which strengthens every bone in our body and helps to keep the blood flowing in the body in a perfect way.

Vitamin K deficiency:

Weak bones:

Bone disease, called osteoporosis, is one of the most important sources of vitamin D deficiency, as it contains enzymes that increase the amount of fluid in the bones which strengthens the bones. Are In addition, the sound coming from the fingertips is also due to the weakness of the bones and is also a major cause of vitamin K deficiency in the body, so if you also suffer from this problem, then this article of bolinza. Be sure to read to the end.

Weakness of heart:
Nowadays heart diseases are on the rise in Pakistan and there are heart patients in every family. To avoid this dangerous disease, you should eat foods that contain vitamins. This vitamin strengthens the heart and also protects against heart attack.

0 Little blood:
There are many causes of anemia and one of them is the absence or deficiency of vitamin K, so try to take advantage of as many foods as possible as heart issues are very critical.

Gastrointestinal upset:
Deficiency of this vitamin also causes problems in the gastrointestinal tract, inflammation of the intestines, constipation and bloating. Vitamin K deficiency is more common in people who suffer from indigestion.

There are many causes of cancer and all of them are serious, but vitamin K deficiency is also a cause of diseases like cancer, so make vitamin K a part of your diet so that you can avoid this disease.

Blood clotting:
Some people’s blood clots or gets injured, but the blood does not come in but it stops inside, which is a big reason for the lack of vitamin K. Foods that contain

 Vitamin K: Dried Fruits:
Dried fruits contain large amounts of vitamin K and enzymes that play an important role in strengthening our bones and heart.

While eating fish in this season can protect the body from cold, the abundant amount of vitamin K in it strengthens your digestive and nervous system.

Green leafy vegetables:
Green leafy vegetables are very important for the human body. They contain a series of vitamins, especially vitamins that strengthen your heart and brain as well as increase blood flow.

The use of soybeans is considered to be the most important for getting vitamin K as it has mineral properties that prevent blood clots and at the same time help you to heal wounds quickly.

Pickles are present in every home and you may not have known before today that pickles are rich in vitamins and people who have weak bones and stomach must eat a spoonful of pickles with their lunch so that they are in good health. Stay strong.

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