Beauty Tips: It is difficult to take your eyes off, easy tips to make makeup last longer

Beauty Tips: It is difficult to take your eyes off, easy tips to make makeup last longer

Beauty Tips: tips to make your makeup last longer- Photo- Representative

Lifestyle: will be maintained throughout the day, makeup (MakeUP) will come in handy to keep these ways

We all follow the Beauty Tips routine to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. I use a good toner, moisturizer and serum to keep my skin looking good for a long time At the same time, applying a face mask before going to bed at night and using a good facewash will brighten the skin. Applying makeup after daily skin care only enhances the beauty. But usually make-up does not last long. But what if you need to hold the same makeup (MakeUp Tips) throughout the day? Let’s find out (Lifestyle) how to maintain the same perfect beauty throughout the day with long lasting make-up.

Tone and moisturize
After exfoliating the skin and washing the face, using toner, the skin becomes smooth and beautiful (Beauty Tips). After that apply moisturizer to hydrate the skin. In that case you have to buy moisturizer according to the skin of the individual. However, make sure that the moisturizer is oil-free. Which will make the skin ready before using makeup (MakeUp Lasting Tips).

Beauty Tips- Photo- Representative

Prepare the skin with primer
Makeup (Tips) First you have to use primer This is the secret of keeping makeup just right for a long time. When applying primer, the effect of cream or foundation is not absorbed by the skin and is not damaged In this case a good quality primer removes any imperfections of the skin; Make-up can also cover the pores and wrinkles of the skin Care should be taken to ensure that the primer is water-based and oil-free. When the primer is applied again, the eyeshadow mixes well and prevents it from getting smudged.

Good foundation costs
Applying a good primer and a light oil-free foundation will not give the skin an oily look. So you have to choose the foundation according to the skin which lasts for 24 hours

Waterproof eyeliner and mascara
Waterproof eyeliner and mascara should be chosen so that it is not easily smudged Again, ice cream should not be used while using eyeliner and mascara.

Press powder
Should be consumed in good compact or light powder. Apply makeup with translucent powder, a compact or banana powder on top of the liquid foundation. For a long time, make-up should be applied properly. At the same time apply concealer shade according to the skin and set with a little powder.

Apply eyeshadow properly
The secret behind keeping your eyeshadow up for a long time is to use concealer as a base. As a result, the eyeshadow will shine better. So don’t forget to use concealer over the eyes as a primer before a smoky or neutral eyeshadow look.

Set with setting spray
After applying make-up, it should be set with setting spray Which will help to give a finer touch to the make-up look It helps to keep the make-up on the skin glow and for a long time.

Use of lip liner
Don’t forget to apply lip liner on the border of the lipstick. One or two shades of lipstick and lip liner of your choice can be chosen for long lasting lip color makeup.

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