7 ways to get rid of headaches without medication, treatment in your hands

7 ways to get rid of headaches without medication, treatment in your hands

Headaches are a common problem nowadays. Apart from offices, people at home are also bothered by this problem. Headaches can have many causes. Sleep deprivation, fatigue and stress can occur. Repeatedly taking medicine for this can also be harmful so headaches can be eliminated by home remedies. Here are some ways to get rid of headaches;

Use ice
If you are feeling a headache, put ice cubes on your forehead. Wrap ice cubes in a cloth or towel and use. Do this for 15 minutes. Your pain will improve.

Loosen the hair
If you have tightly tied hair, it can cause headaches, so don’t put pressure on the hair follicles. And loosen your hair. Are less

Dim the light
If your screen light is bright, dim it and use sunglasses when going out. It can relieve your headaches.

Avoid chewing gum
Avoid chewing gum if you have a headache as it can cause headaches in addition to your jaw.

Use tea
If you feel a headache then use tea then it will make you feel active and the headache will also feel mild.

If you feel a headache due to muscle pain, then relax. This will reduce the muscle tension and our muscles will feel relaxed and the headache will be relieved.

In case of headache, massage vinegar. It will reduce the headache. Also, keep warm cloth on your muscles. If you have headache due to tension, you will get relief. Also, if you are suffering from severe pain. Get a doctor’s checkup for this. You can easily contact a doctor at home and also get advice from a video consultation.

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