What is an apostle and why do most women get it? Learn the precautions

What is an apostle and why do most women get it? Learn the precautions

Women should take great care of their health as their health depends on having a healthy family. On the other hand, if we talk about why women have more tumors than men, then this is a thought-provoking question that women must know.
Why Apostles?

The body of a woman is definitely stronger than the body of a man and this is a fact but why is there an apostle? This is because the ovaries of women accumulate all the extra waste and food that they eat. A tumor is a sac with membrane walls in which fluid or solids form a bulge inside the body when solid matter does not accumulate and leave the body, which is called tumor, and is more common in women.

This is because the immune system and metabolism of women is slightly slower and their immunity is less during menstruation. I change and so more than one apostle is found in women.

Be sure to treat it with medical advice but one thing to consider is that you should review your daily diet, do not use anything that bothers you at all and if you suffer from chronic abdominal pain other than menstruation. Consult a doctor about this.

– Excessive consumption of oily foods can exacerbate this problem.
– It is advisable to wash and eat vegetables and fruits.
– Use boiled meat.
– It is useful to use ginger juice with lukewarm water once a day.

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