Invaluable Benefits of Mint Powder – It is important to know how to use it

Invaluable Benefits of Mint Powder – It is important to know how to use it

Mint is also one of the blessings created by the Almighty. Mint is the best tonic for our internal and external protection. Its specific fragrance keeps our heart and mind active.

Our lifestyle has changed and due to this many new diseases are being born. For a healthy life we ​​have to change our lifestyle. Vegetables and fruits contain natural ingredients which are resistant to diseases. The topic is also related to an important vegetable mint which we use with great enthusiasm but we are not at all aware of its benefits.

Mint is mostly used in the form of fresh leaves or its juice is extracted and used. The wise people also use it in their medicine. It is also used in medicine by extracting its essence. Use mint in any way does not reduce its effectiveness.

Dry the mint in the sun and grind its leaves by hand to form a powder and put it in any bottle and seal it from the top and use it as needed- but take a teaspoon after every meal. Take it, it will digest the food faster or sprinkle this mint powder on the food, it is very beneficial – it also heals the internal wounds of the stomach, see its further benefits.

* Leave the mint leaves dry and in case of indigestion take them with water. Indigestion will go away.
* If powder of its leaves is sprinkled on the food, not only its aroma will make the food delicious but also
it will be
easily digested . * Make a powder of
mint leaves and apply it on the teeth like toothpaste. The teeth will be clean and shiny and bad breath will also be removed. Mint leaves contain antioxidants
. After eating, take one tablespoon of mint powder with water to get rid of heartburn and heartburn. Taking mint powder
reduces weight because Its use improves metabolism v. Improves memory
* If scorpion or any insect bite, apply its powder, it will relieve the pain.
* In case of nausea or vomiting in summer season, boil mint powder and cardamom powder in a glass of water. This will help
in relief. * Mint powder relieves flatulence and indigestion
* Mint powder relieves fatigue.

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