Why do we get tired so quickly?

Why do we get tired so quickly?

Fatigue is a common complaint, from which no one, man, woman, child, old or young, can escape, especially in today’s fast paced world it has become a disease. A disease that can lead to many diseases.

Fatigue is actually the name of a condition in which physical energy and courage respond. Exhausted people feel mentally and physically helpless. Thus laziness surrounds them.

The general impression is that fatigue is only caused by overwork or underwork. Although the underlying causes are thought to be the same, many medical, emotional, and psychological stimuli can also cause fatigue.

Excessive work usually causes fatigue because when we spend most of our physical energy on work, the amount of sugar and oxygen in the blood decreases. As soon as the brain senses this state, it sends a message to every organ of the body that the stores of sugar and oxygen are running out, so no more energy can be expended.

As soon as you get this message, you start to feel tired and sad, but after some time of rest, you feel refreshed because during this interval, the amount of oxygen and sugar in the blood becomes balanced.

Similarly, people who are malnourished or eat an unbalanced diet also get tired quickly because the body does not get the required energy due to lack of essential nutrients, as a result fatigue prevails with little work or exertion. Comes This type of fatigue can be relieved if dieting, digestion and nutrients are chosen carefully.

Hiccups can also cause fatigue. People who are engaged in an unfavorable environment or are forced to work with someone who is not in harmony with them, who is slippery or who is not interested in the nature of the work, then they are very The skin gets tired. This fatigue is called nervous tension or mental stress, the treatment of which is the change of climate and environment or leisure.

Some people become frustrated with the difficulties and failures that come to mind and decide for themselves that they can never be successful in life. Then people who do everything reluctantly, their nerves get tired quickly. If these people are encouraged and helped to overcome the fear of failure in their minds, then they will soon overcome their fatigue.

We have a gland in our throat, the thyroid gland, which controls the digestive system. If these glands become inactive, the digestive system slows down, resulting in fatigue in the body due to malnutrition. Generally, caffeine stimulates the blood in the body, but too much of it can lead to fatigue.

In addition, dehydration can lead to fatigue. It has been observed that most people simply rest on their laurels to relieve fatigue, although this is not the answer. Choosing the most important food to relieve fatigue.

The following is a list of foods that can help relieve fatigue by providing energy to the body, but only for those who suffer from fatigue due to malnutrition. Are

Foods that provide energy to the body:

Fish contains almost all vitamins and minerals, while it also contains healthy fats, which improve digestion and absorption. Consumption of fish can be very useful for fatigue patients.

Banana is rich in potassium and starch, its use also gives the body a feeling of energy and fatigue.

Sour fruits are also rich in vitamins, which reduce the amount of a hormone called cortisol, which causes fatigue.

The use of apples also proves to be beneficial.
Rich in nuts, proteins and dietary fiber. A balanced use of almonds, walnuts and peanuts every day provides instant energy to the body and eliminates the feeling of fatigue.

Drinking plenty of water also plays an important role in relieving physical fatigue.

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