Are you also bothered by toothache and pain. The solution to your every problem is in the toothbrush

Are you also bothered by toothache and pain. The solution to your every problem is in the toothbrush

Nowadays, every second person seems to have a toothache. Dental health is essential for overall physical health. If the teeth are not healthy then the food will not be digested properly and the body will not be healthy. The use of toothbrushes is essential to prevent dental diseases. Toothbrushes are always available. Only the soft fibers of the toothbrush can cure tooth and gum disease. The hadiths also emphasize the use of toothbrushes for dental health. This is both Sunnah and health.

According to the scholars, it has both rewards and benefits. The toothbrush has been used for almost 7 centuries.

Here are some of the benefits of a toothbrush:

* A source of oral hygiene.
* Eliminates phlegm.
* Sharpens eyesight.
* Clears the sound.
* Improves digestion.

The main features of the toothbrush:

* It is antiseptic.
* This is an antibiotic tick.
* The ability to kill bacteria is 20% higher than any other method.
* The fibers of the toothbrush kill the bacteria without directly touching them and protect the teeth from various diseases.

* Miswak provides calcium and chlorine to the teeth, increases appetite and keeps the digestive system healthy. It eliminates bad breath and protects the gums.

What are the traditions related to miswak?

* The toothbrush should not be longer than a pillow and thicker than a finger.
* Brush at least three times and soak in water each time.
* To hold the toothbrush, the finger should be towards the bottom of the toothbrush and the thumb should be under the tip of the toothbrush and the rest of the fingers should be on top of the toothbrush.

* The toothbrush should be extended in the teeth and on the tongue.
* The inside and outside of the teeth and the sides should be cleaned with a toothbrush, as well as in the upper and lower part of the mouth and jaw, etc.

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