If you have an account with SBI, be careful, if you click on such a link, all the money will be lost!

According to statistics, those who transact through the app are the most victims of cyber fraud.

The use of technology is increasing day by day. With the increasing misuse of technology. Thousands of frauds to get into the net world. If you click on a link in a careless moment! Hapis lakhs of rupees immediately. According to statistics, those who transact through the app are the most victims of cyber fraud. Fraudsters target large companies or apps that have more transactions.

Currently, cyber criminals are keeping a close eye on SBI, the country’s largest bank. Huge sums of money are being swindled in the name of SBI Yono. Cyber โ€‹โ€‹experts have dubbed it ‘SMS Phishing Scandal’. So be careful if you have an account with SBI. There are a few rules to follow.

How is this scandal going? YONO is SBI’s digital banking platform. Fraudsters are sending one SMS at a time to the account holders who use this app. It has a link. The SMS reads, ‘Update your PAN with this link now. Otherwise, SBI Yono’s account will be closed.

Clicking on this link opens a page. This page looks exactly like the page on SBI’s website. This page asks customers to fill out personal information. Customers have no doubts as it looks like the official site of SBI. They are fearlessly giving their personal information there. And all of a sudden it is reaching the hackers. At the moment all the money in the account is being lost.

This is what the cyber experts call ‘SMS phishing scandal’. SBI has warned the customers about this. Replying to emails, SMS, phone calls or embedded links is prohibited. In the guidelines issued to the customers, SBI has clearly stated, “If anyone wants to know your personal information or bank information, do not give it to him at all.”

If someone calls or receives an SMS asking for personal information, the customer can complain by mail to report.phishing@sbi.co.in. Complaints can also be made by calling the bank’s helpline number 1930. Besides, the bank has also informed that immediate action will be taken if any complaint is received. Incidentally, in order to prevent such incidents, certain sections of the Indian Penal Code, such as fraud, have been linked to cyber crime along with fraud.

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