LIC policy for women: You can invest Rs 29 per day and get Rs 4 lakh!


LIC Policy | You can start a policy exclusively for women and girls through the main scheme called LIC Adar Sheila Scheme.

There are many types of policies for women. But they will often choose the one that is best for them. In that sense some of the key policies offered by LIC are the most beneficial. LIC offers insurance plans for people of almost all ages. Next to bank and post office savings schemes, investing in LIC schemes is considered as a great way to save money among Indians.

That way you can start a policy exclusively for women and girls through the flagship scheme called LIC Adar Sheila Scheme. Under this policy, you can get Rs 4 lakh if ​​you invest Rs 29 daily. This is considered a safe plan. In the event of an unfortunate death before the policyholder’s maturity, the family will receive financial assistance. In addition, the plan includes its auto cover and credit facility requirements.

LIC Adar Sheila Policy
The minimum basic sum assured under this policy is Rs. 75,000, as well as the maximum basic amount under the LIC Adar Sheila scheme is Rs. 3 lakhs. Accordingly, a person can invest a maximum of Rs 3 lakh in this policy. The maturity of this policy is 10 years to 20 years. The premium can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Accordingly, if you save Rs 29 per day, you can deposit Rs 10,959 in LIC Adar Sheila scheme in a year. If you keep this for 20 years you will get the best amount. Accordingly you will invest Rs 2,14,696 in 20 years. So finally you will get Rs 3,97,000 at the maturity of your policy. Women between the ages of 8 and 55 can avail this scheme. LIC said on its website that the policy can be started without any medical examination under the scheme.

You can also get the money saved in installments. The policy can be surrendered at any time during the policy term if two full year premiums are paid, subject to a minimum installment payment in different tranches, as selected, at annual or semi-annual or quarterly or monthly intervals. At the time of surrendering the policy, LIC stated that the corporation must pay the guaranteed surrender value equal to the surrender value and the special surrender value.

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