The Incomparable Gift of Apricot Nature 17 Incredible Benefits of Eating It

Apricot is a flavorful and nutritious fruit grown in cold mountainous areas. The yellowish-white ripe pulp on top of it has a pink hue in its joban. The peel of ripe fruit is extremely tasty and pleasing. It is popular in the world because of its nutritional and invigorating properties. The botanical name of apricot is Prun Us Arminiace. His birthplace is China. While in Pakistan it occurs in mountainous areas. But Hunza is its high center.

There are two types of apricots here. One is light yellow and the other is yellow. There are more than 20 varieties of apricots worldwide. Apricots are used both fresh and dried. It is also protected in three ways. 2) It is dried. 2) Fresh apricots are stored in canned form with light sugar. 3) Apricots are ground and stored in the form of flour which is used to make chapatti. That is why apricots are rich in many nutrients.

Fresh apricots contain natural sugars, vitamins A, C, E, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Almonds obtained from apricots contain protein and fat. Dried apricots also contain protein, fructose, mineral salts, lime, phosphorus, iron and some vitamin B complex. Dried apricots are widely used throughout the year in cold countries and Arab countries.

Medical use of apricot:
The use of apricots in the digestive system has good effects, its use gives the body a feeling of energy and freshness. If you take 8 to 10 drops in the morning and drink lassi from the top, then the digestive system will be correct and heartburn and constipation will also go away.

Get rid of skin diseases:
Soak 100 grams apricots, 30 grams jujube in 300 ml water at night to reduce the heat and get rid of boils. Sift well together in the morning and drink as much as you need. Results will start coming in a few days.

To get rid of stomach worms:
Use 50 grams of dried apricots, green tea admiring mouth, insects will be eliminated in a few days.

Loss of appetite:
Normally healthy people complain of loss of appetite, their stomach feels heavy, their stomach is bloated, so use one pound of apricot in these diseases and use 20 grams of fennel green with it daily.

Other benefits of apricot:
1- Prevents ringworm-
2- Apricot benefits blood and blood which is beneficial-
3- Apricot tree leaves if two towels are rubbed and fed then stomach worms die from it-
4- Inflammation is useful for stomach and satiety. 5- Relieves
hardness of the liver . Applying a few drops of apricot in the ears removes deafness and relieves earache. happens.
9- If you do not want to feel dizzy and wake up in the morning, boil fifteen grains of apricot in one foot of milk at night. This is extremely useful.
11- It produces energy in the body.
12- The use of apricot creates heat and warmth in the blood.
13- Apricot relieves constipation and digests food quickly.
14- Apricot marmalade is made which is nutritious . Heart, nourishes the stomach and nourishes the liver.
15- The benefits of apricot kernel are equal to those of almond kernel
. Which is very useful for human body-
17- Some doctors have written that eating apricot increases age-
A few precautions that are important:

Use of apricots is not suitable for cold tempered weak people and people with weak stomach.
Sour apricots should not be used as it causes bloating in the stomach. In
high blood pressure, apricots should not be used at all.

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