Malaika Arora: Malaika spreads warmth in her body application, shows what it means to wear makeup …

Malaika Arora: She taught makeup lessons Taught how to use Shimara 7
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Malaika Aurora 7 posted glamorous pictures and put them on the shelf (Image: Instagram)
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He taught make-up lessons Taught how to use Shimara 7 (Image: Instagram)

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Bright red lipstick is a classic 6 (Image: Instagram)
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Sari, bangles, flowers – all together Malaika is like a package (Image: Instagram)
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She knows exactly how to balance eye and lip makeup (Image: Instagram)
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The latest fashion has given Smoky Eye a different look (Image: Instagram)
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She is unique with her red lipstick and volumeted hair (Image: Instagram)
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Nude makeup and Sassy look Malaika 6 (Image: Instagram)

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