Smartphone Privacy Tips: Want to hide this secret picture of the phone! Kellafate these five methods!

Smartphone Privacy Tips: There are several ways to keep all your pictures hidden on your smartphone
In this way it is possible to hide in personal photo gallery So that all your secret pictures are protected 
This is why you have to go to the gallery and press this picture for a long time Then the hide option will come, you have to click on it 

Oppo, Xiaomi and OnePlus smartphones have password options to lock the gallery. You can use the app lock option on all other phones 
On all other phones you can hide your top secret picture through applock option 

If you don’t want to lock the gallery completely, you can use Secure Folder or Private Space feature on your Android phone to hide the images one by one. 
If you have the option to lock the gallery app on your smartphone, you can use a third party app Symbolic image 6
You can lock the app password through this password app But keep in mind that third party apps are not very secure Symbolic image 6
There is also a photo gallery app in Google Photos (Google Photos), this app also has lock folder option. Through which you will be able to hide all the pictures very easily 

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