Do you also feel extreme nervousness in the heat, heart patients beware in this intense heat

Whatever the weather, its severity brings various changes in the body, sometimes these changes are positive and sometimes negative. And it can be dangerous, especially for people with heart disease. Health experts say that heart disease patients need caution not only in severe winters but also in hot summers and hot weather can affect heart functions.
Canadian experts also warn that global warming has increased the risk of heart disease, while older people living in poorer countries will be more affected. He made the discovery after re-examining various studies on the relationship between extreme heat and disease. He says the rise in heart disease is not limited to the intense heat waves, but the rise in average summer temperatures is also contributing to the rise in heart disease. This risk is especially high for the elderly who do not have access to facilities such as room coolers and air conditioners to escape the heat.

1. According to a study, hazy, hot and cold weather can be dangerous for people with heart disease. He says that the human body should not be too cold and too hot as these two extremes of weather affect the heart process. The study also found that when the human body temperature rises, the human body’s protein is unable to function due to heat, while it also runs all the chemical processes that move the body.

2. When the temperature rises, the human body releases it in two ways, one in the form of rays and the other in the form of sweat. Both of these forms increase the pressure on the heart. This makes the heart beat faster and pumping harder. In addition, the risk of high blood pressure due to the heat.

3. In summer, the heart speeds up blood circulation and releases sweat to keep the body in moderation, which results in the body releasing sodium, potassium, and other important minerals that are needed to keep the muscles and nervous system running. Are necessary And their expulsion could make the situation worse.

4. That is why health experts say that heart patients should avoid walking in hot weather or working in hot weather. Because it can be a risk to their health. Therefore, the use of water to keep your body cool should also be increased. In order to keep the body cool. At the same time, you should take care of your food and drink, avoid eating spicy or fried foods like chicken or chilli. Make maximum use of lentils, vegetables, fruits, salads. Use fruits that are high in water, such as watermelon, melon, cold, summer, etc. Cucumber, cucumber, ghee, zucchini, gourd, etc. Eating vegetables also reduces the nervousness and heat of the heart. These fruits and vegetables soothe the heart and also nourish the heart.

5. People with heart disease in the summer should avoid strenuous activities, such as climbing stairs or going to the gym or running, which will cause more heat in the body. Increasing the use of water and fresh juices will not reduce the amount of water that can be lost in the body in case of sweating. In hot weather, use less tea, coffee, etc., and avoid cold drinks or alcohol as much as possible. It also affects the functioning of your heart.

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