What is the sign of frequent nasal congestion?

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A runny nose is a common problem that most people use nasal spray to get rid of but it is only a temporary treatment while it is very important to know that regular use of nasal spray can also cause problems.

A stuffy nose is called Sinusitis in medical parlance, in which case there is severe difficulty in breathing and the person is feeling complete pain.

According to medical experts, nasal spray should be used only once or twice a day, after which this interval lasts up to one or two hours, while some people have undergone nasal surgery to get rid of this complaint.

Experts say that in many cases of surgery, it has been seen that the bone grows again, so despite repeated operations, there is no recovery.

According to medical experts, nasal congestion due to cold, flu and allergies can also cause nasal congestion. In some people, crookedness of the middle nasal bone can also be the cause.

According to medical experts, the cause of nasal congestion is always considered to be cold or flu while there are many other causes of this disease, such as dust particles, smoke, prolonged exposure to air-conditioned environment, artificial fragrances, cold items. Excessive use, not exercising, etc.

How to open closed nasal veins:
Experts recommend taking one and a half or two kilos of water in a vessel for nasal congestion and adding half a fresh leaf (washed) in it equal to two towels.

Then filter the water and add a pinch of salt.
Twice a day, pour this solution into lukewarm nose and wash it off (as is done in ablution). Make new water each time.

According to medical experts, better results are obtained in a few days.

Experts say that in addition to this practice, try to breathe in fresh air, avoid smoking, use seasonal fresh foods and make exercise a part of your routine.

According to experts, keeping the pillow high while sleeping can also get rid of this complaint.

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