Snore and Cough Detection: Problems with Snoring in Sleep? Google is bringing new features to identify

These two detection features will work to detect nasal congestion and cold-cough problems in consumers

Snore and Cough Detection: Tech giant Google is constantly developing various features to make it easier for customers to access the Internet. Google, the world’s most popular tech giant, is currently working on two detection features.

These two detection features will work to detect sleep problems and runny nose and cough problems among the customers. For now, however, Google is working on Pixel and Android versions. Most likely Pixel will launch this feature first and then gradually it will be available on Android.

According to the code in the installation file of the tech website Google Health Studies app, the company has recently launched a study called ‘eSleep Audio Collecton’ which is applicable only to Google employees. This feature is designed to protect the privacy of this feature before it is released.

The report, published by 9To5 Google, states that participants must be full-time Googlers and have an Android phone to participate in the study.

One of the other conditions of the survey was, “No one can be kept in the same room except one adult sleeper, especially someone who works for a competing company.”

Google says its health sensing team is already actively working on these two features. Android users can be aware of the usefulness of sleep using this advanced sensing capability and algorithmic tool. Algorithms will be developed by delivering adequate data through audio collection recorded during sleep.

This ‘Cough and Snore Algorithms’ will work on the device of the phone through bed side monitoring feature. This will allow the feature users to know the state of sleep at night.

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