Buying this SUV from Skoda is a huge benefit, once the car is charged, it will run 460 kilometers!

This car can accelerate to 100 kmph in 8.9 seconds

#Kolkata: ডkoda is about to launch a new electric car in the country The name of this car is Skoda Enyaq iV Electric SUV 8 This is the first time due to Indian road testing Earlier, Kia EB launched an electric crossover

At the time of testing, the Enyaq iV had a top 60x electric variant without any cover. Tires are based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform 7 specially designed for electric vehicles The car is 4,848 mm long, 1.8 mm wide and 1,618 mm high. That is, Enyaq iV – slightly smaller than Octavia


The car will run on a single charge. 480 km
new electric car is being launched with 8 kWh battery pack. The DC fast charger can be fast charged up to 125 kW only This electric car will come with all wheel drive option The company claims that this car will run 480 km non-stop once charged This car can accelerate to 100 kmph in 8.9 seconds

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The Skoda

has recently increased the price of its Slavia mid-side sedan. This car was launched only 3 months ago As a model, the price of Slabia has increased by Rs 60,000 in one go The demand for this car is very good The 1-liter variant of the Skoda Slabia was also launched at a price of Rs 10.69 lakh (ex-showroom). The price of this car has also increased up to 10 thousand rupees The 1.5-liter TSI automatic variant Ethan is priced at Rs 18.30 lakh instead of Rs 16.69 lakh.

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