How many eggs should you eat daily in this hot season?

How many eggs should you eat daily in this hot season?

Eggs are a food that is considered to be extremely nutritious and all in all, eggs are rich in calcium, iron and protein, so if you eat just one egg, you will get the essential food of the day. Is found.

Everyone loves eggs, but some people are naturally allergic to it, but when it comes to the weather, the first question that comes to mind is that one day in the summer How many eggs should be eaten ???

So let us explain how many eggs can be used for your health in summer season.

Use of summer eggs:
Most people say that eggs should not be used in hot weather because it has a warming effect, but this is totally wrong, assuming egg is a hot food but it is not meant to be negative in hot weather. Can have effects In fact, using one egg daily in hot weather is good for health and has no side effects.

The amazing benefits of eggs:
Heart disease:

Eating eggs lowers the risk of heart disease. According to a study, cholesterol in eggs is not harmful to health and lowers the levels of omega-3, fatty acids and triglycerides in it. Keeps

Weight loss.
Eating eggs can help you lose weight. Research has shown that eating low-calorie foods for breakfast with eggs can lead to rapid weight loss.
Protecting Sight:
Eating eggs protects eyesight, the presence of a component called lutein in eggs protects vision, while deficiency of this component is also dangerous for the eyes.

Removing infertility:
Eggs contain vitamin B and it produces hormones in the body that are necessary to prevent infertility. Remember that vitamin B9 or folic acid improves red blood cells while it helps in the development of children. 

Also useful for
Useful for skin and hair:

The use of eggs is very useful for physical health as well as hair and skin, eating it as well as applying it on hair and face solves many problems.

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