Hair Care: The way is simple! You can easily get thick black wavy hair

Hair Care: You should understand the amount of hair and do a hairstyle Otherwise, even if you have hair, it may not take bounce
Who doesn’t like thick black wave hair! However, hair problems occur due to various physical reasons including environmental pollution, dust and sand Hair goes up, hair goes down เงท As a result, the desired hairstyle cannot be done Get a haircut that suits your appearance Remember some tips with him
First consult a professional hair stylist She will tell you the appropriate hairstyle according to your hair type, personality and occupation
Hair color should always be a good brand In addition, you have to choose a hair color that matches the skin tone If the hair is thin, usually colors like red, burgundy, copper red are good Keep in mind the skintone
Don’t forget to trim when the hair structure becomes thin If the hair is not trimmed at the right time, split ends can cause split ends So don’t forget to trim your hair every 6 months
Hairstyles should be done by understanding the amount of your hair Otherwise, even if you have hair, it may not take bounce

Do not use blow dryer if hair is thin Otherwise, the hair may become dry and damaged

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