What is the function of lemon water in kidney stones? Advantages or disadvantages of using it?

What is the function of lemon water in kidney stones? Advantages or disadvantages of using it?

In the summer, lemon water is often added to our drinks. This protects against heat and instantaneous recovery of salts from the body in the form of sweat. That’s why even our elders insist on drinking lemon water instead of outside drinks. Now science has confirmed this. Experts say that lemon water prevents the formation of kidney stones and slows down the growth of stones if present. American expert Dr. Roger Steven Nakada, a professor of urology at the University of Wisconsin, says that lemon water is the most effective of all medicines. Anyone with a kidney stone should use a lemon mixed with water on a daily basis. The stone will enter and pass through the urine.

What are the reasons for this?
This is because lemons contain a much higher amount of citric acid than other fruits and this acid is an effective treatment for kidney stones. This procedure can also be called lemon therapy. On the other hand, potassium citrate is given to the patient as a supplement, but it also has very little effect against lemons. According to a study, 12 patients with kidney stones at Duke University’s Kidney Stone Center in Durham, USA, underwent four years of treatment with lemon water and their kidney stones were found to be very slow. All four of them did not need any medical emergency or treatment for four years due to stones. Lemon water cleanses the inside of the body and keeps our kidneys free from harmful effects. Experts also say that its use increases the desire for water and the patient drinks one and a half to two liters of water daily and urinates. In case of discharge from the body Which is necessary to keep the kidneys healthy. If any medicine or supplement is given for cleansing the kidneys, then more urine comes out and in the same way the kidneys are cleansed.

Lemon is a natural medicine
When the amount of salts in our body increases and the citrates that make stones decrease in the body, then it starts accumulating stones in the kidneys. In such cases, by increasing the amount of stress, the stones can be removed. Water also helps us in the form of a natural medicine.

Lemonade and lemon water
Chanel Ann Wilson, MD, a urologist who is also the founder of Urology Inbound, was the first to dispel a common misconception that lemonade and lemonade are not the same thing. “Lemonade and lemonade are considered natural remedies for common urological problems such as kidney stones, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and urinary incontinence,” he said. Chanel Ann Wilson made it clear that lemonade is often full of sugar and artificial colors, so people who are trying to reap the benefits of lemonade should not use lemonade as a substitute.

How to use it?
In this regard, experts say that if you mix half a cup of lemon juice in seven glasses of water and mix honey in it as required, then it will become a delicious drink as well as the best medicine. I can drink it, try boiling the water and adding lemon juice to it or you can squeeze the lemon juice in a glass of cold water or plain water while keeping it in the fridge for convenience but with it It is also important to abstain from large meats, salt, iron-rich vegetables or anything else. Consuming more watery vegetables and fruits will help.

Note: This article is for general information, consult your doctor before treatment.

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